Natalie Wood makes a special appearance on the Bob Hope Chevy Show, 1957.


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→ Favorite film: Casablanca (1942)

Jimmy would also entertain others on the set with excellent imitations, doing Charlie Chaplin, Elia Kazan, or Montgomery Clift with equal ease. One takeoff he did on Mr. Magoo, the radio character made famous by Jim Backus, was so good Nicholas Ray had it written into the script. “He became other people with obvious passion,” Ray said. “This was a great part of his magic as an actor.”

Fred Astaire photographed for LIFE Magazine, December 1945


Ralph Fiennes as Romeo ~ 1986

An undated candid of Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier chatting with Spencer Tracy at a Beverly Hills dinner party.


Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not, 1945.



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"You know, some guys just can’t hold their arsenic."