Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart on the set of Confidential Agent (1945)


Elvis greeting fans at the stage door of CBS Studio, March 17, 1956. Photo by Alfred Wertheimer.

Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday, 1953.


THE MASQUERADER - 100th Anniversary

August 27th 1914 Keystone…

Keystone Charlie was quite the player…it took the lovely Edna to bring him down a notch and add an air of romance to his portrayal of “the tramp” but don’t get me wrong his Keystone’s are funny as hell as he chases every thing in a skirt even then he could be charming….

Watch him in the top gif look right into the camera with those lovely blue eyes of  his (sorry I went fan girl for an instant :)

in-love-with-the-1950s whispered: Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself, then pass this on to your 10 favourite followers x

Aww, thanks so much dear! 

1. I live in Paris

2. I love chocolate (who doesn’t)

3. 98% of my celebrity crushes are dead people

4. …which I find really frustrating

5. I dream of travelling the world 


Cat on a hot tin roof, 1958.

Sidewalks of London (1938).


Charlie and Jackie Coogan in The Kid